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“Life-Long and Independent Learners”

Roots Montessori Centre have access to high-quality care and education offering toddlers, preschool and Kindergarten program for the ages of 19 months to 6 years. We are in the beautiful newly developed community of NolanRidge Court (135, 150 NolanRidge Court,NW T3R 1W7, Calgary, AB).Children learn to explore themselves freely which will also help them to enhance their various developmental domains.

We have a Montessori-prepared environment that encourages children to get opportunities to explore their self-confidence, by making mistakes and then correcting them independently to support their natural development.

Our goal is to create a positive, creative, and respectful environment for the children of the mixed age group in our Toddlers and  Casa Classroom, by offering a variety of activities to trigger children’s interests and needs that enable them to learn from others and learn by helping others.


We are taking registrations for toddlers,Preschool/Kindergarten classes starting in February 2023 onwards

Very limited spots are available.

Please contact us for more information!

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Full -Day Montessori Program

8:00am - 5:00pm

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Half Day CASA Program

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM & 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

We offer half-day CASA programs for children between the ages...

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Half Day Toddlers Program

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM & 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

We offer a half-day Toddler program for children between 19...

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Mrs. Faiza Khalid, Head Directress

Mrs. Faiza Khalid is the Founder and Montessori Directress of Roots Montessori Centre. She has extensive teaching and management experience working in an International School System in Pakistan and teaching experience in accredited Montessori schools in Calgary.

Her passion is to work as an early childhood educator and consider herself being an educator as a Co-learner. She believes that when it comes to teaching and learning than the role of a teacher is more of a facilitator than a traditional teacher. She holds a Master Of Bussiness Administrations  Degree with a focus on Educational Management, Business management, and Arts. She also holds training in Montessori Philosophy and Early Childhood Education Diploma (Level 3) from the Bow Valley College, Calgary, approved by the Early Childhood Department of Alberta Human Services.

As an early year educator and a leader, she has always thought of exploring young minds to nurture them creatively. Her philosophy is based on a student-centered learning environment and believes that each child is a unique individual with their unique individual strength and abilities, according to their interests and sensitive periods. Thus, becoming a life-long independent and successful learner to become a productive member of society.


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What The Parents Say

Roots Montessori Centre is one of the most profound and excellent centers in Northwest Calgary. It provides an enabling environment for our son and daughter which is critical in their early childhood development. They are excited when they are at school and during the weekend, they look forward to Monday to go to school.

The teacher (Ms. Faiza Khalid) knowledge and quality of teaching, together with a supportive learning environment make Roots Montessori Centre an amazing learning experience. We are happy that our children are benefiting from this amazing learning center. The Montessori method is a great foundation and inspires a real passion in the students.

I highly recommend Roots Montessori Centre as a great starting point for your child's educational journey.

- Abdul Jaffari -

"Roots Montessori was such a good choice for my 3-year-old daughter. Mrs. Faiza is a wonderfully compassionate and knowledgable teacher in the world of Montessori and really cares about each child she teaches. Much careful consideration is taken into planning the structure of the day to keep the children engaged whilst promoting their confidence in their learning. Communication with parents is wonderful and always felt comfortable in what my child was learning and knowing she was in the best hands. I highly recommend Roots Montessori". 

                                                                             Laura Styler

- Laura Styler -